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Hello and Welcome to Integrative Family Services. If you’ve ended up here we’re sure of two things: First, we’re sure that you’re struggling with something. It’s obvious that you’re seeking help or at least contemplating it. Good for you! That’s big. Second, we’re going to assume that we aren’t the first page you’ve looked at but we do hope we’ll be the last. It’s good to have options but after a while your eyes can cross and the pages can all start to look the same. Finding a therapist is hard! We hope that you find our message hopeful and upfront as well as finding our site easy to navigate. Take a look around and see if you think we might be the right place for you!

You have taken the first step toward growth and healing simply by searching the web. It takes time and bravery to step up, decide that you need some help, and then find it. In fact, finding it may be the hardest part! Therapy is a mystery to many people. It’s private and not well publicized. Not to mention that each therapist has their own style and methods of doing things. Things can get confusing and overwhelming fast. It’s important to find a therapist that is what we call “a good fit:” someone who understands, makes you feel comfortable, who is non-judgmental, understands your world perspective, and hopefully challenges you in new ways of looking at or interacting with the things going on in your life. This is what we aim for.

Whether you’re an individual, a parent, or a family, we have services to suit your needs. We strive to provide an environment for you that is non-judgmental, supportive, and comfortable. We want you to know that you are the expert on your life. We are client-centered, which means that you are a big part of this process. We take your lead in making goals, deciding the kinds of therapeutic things we do (or don’t do), and in having a say in where things will go. Our job as therapists is not to give advice or tell you what to do or who you are. We work more to call out truths- to deal with things as they are, good, bad, or indifferent. Once we call these things out we can decide what we want to do with them together. You should never feel alone or powerless in the process. If you do, something is wrong. Your therapy will be personalized based on your history, personality style, and goals.

Therapy has a reputation for being all about pointing out what’s wrong and focusing on the negatives. While this is necessary, we work really hard to find your strengths and lean on those. It shouldn’t be all about the negatives but about strengthening you as a person or a family so that you can manage life in a healthier, more balanced, much more bearable way.

We offer therapy for all kinds:

Individual: Individual therapy can be frightening to think about because it’s all about you. We take our time to get to know each other and we work on you. Individual therapy is a good opportunity to make personal goals, deal with old wounds, work on your part of a family dynamic, or just work on improving as a person. You make the goals, you have the spotlight and get to be heard, and you make the decisions about what’s going to happen in that room. In individual therapy you are the agent of change. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, family or relationship stressors, life changes, or just being overwhelmed, individual therapy is a great place to sort things out without the input or opinions of others.

Family: Whether you’re a couple or a family of four, merging multiple people into one life is a challenge! Everyone has their own personality, their own past experiences, their own challenges, and their own ways of responding to things. With that many pieces of a whole things can get confusing. Miscommunications happen, feelings get hurt, needs don’t get met, and things unravel. It can be difficult to get back on track by yourself. There’s no shame in enlisting some help. Having a neutral voice can be an important part of decreasing family conflict and finding solutions to whatever is happening in the relationship. Family therapy allows for all to communicate their needs, wants, and goals and to work towards those goals together in a neutral space.

Play Therapy: As adults we often forget how difficult life can be for a child. The world is big and they are small. They have no power. Big challenges and big feelings can be too much. Even worse, children often communicate in behaviors things that they can’t communicate in words. We offer play therapy as an avenue for those children who need to be heard or need to learn healthier ways to communicate but don’t quite have the skills yet. Play therapy helps us to speak their language and hear what they’re trying to say. It allows them to communicate in the ways they know. We then work to teach them the skills they need to move past misbehaviors or frustrations and find a voice that others can hear.

Life is hard at any stage. Therapy is a gift for yourself to help you find ways to make it easier. There’s no need to plug along and hope that you stumble upon a solution. We hope that we can offer you rest from the hard ways of doing things and help you find healthier, more balanced, easier ways of interacting in the world. Whatever stage you’re in, however many players there are, and whatever the challenge is, there is a solution to be found.

If you’re looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you’re just ready to move in a new direction in your life, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Please call or email for an individual, family therapy, or play therapy consultation today.

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